What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a deep relaxing state in which our ability to concentrate becomes sharper. While in hypnosis, we are able to use so much more of our mind's potential than in our usual waking state. Hypnosis brings us into a state of heightened suggestibility where we become much more receptive to learning new things, not to mention unlearning the old thoughts that have fostered habits we could live without. The reason hypnotherapy is so successful in creating positive and lasting life changes is that it uses the power of suggestion in order to build the thought patterns that lead us to success.

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Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing supernatural or weird about hypnosis; it is in fact a natural occurring phenomenon and we have examples of it all around us. We can be easily hypnotized by a good movie, a big sporting match, or a fascinating book. We have all experienced this sense where we become so captivated by an event that we tune out the world around us, even just for a moment this is hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy uses this basic concept along with a series of well constructed suggestions that become the guide to easily achieving any goals set. The positive effects of hypnotherapy are fast and happen without effort because hypnosis works on a level of instantly reprogramming our minds and actually changing the way we think. When a thought process is changed the behavior associated with it will change just as fast.

The word itself, hypnosis, was derived from the Greek word Ὕπνος (Hypnos), meaning sleep. Hypnosis however is different from the sleep we experience every night. Hypnosis is a special kind of sleep in which you do not become unconscious, but in which you enter a sort of reverie state like daydreaming. It is the most pleasant experience and has the benefit of leaving you feeling more relaxed than ever before.

There are a few misconceptions about hypnosis that stem from the way it has been portrayed in popular media. In hypnosis, there is no loss of consciousness or surrendering of will. The hypnotized subject always has full control and will not do anything against their will. And just to set your mind at ease, nobody ever gets stuck in hypnosis, it is simply impossible as one would just fall into a regular sleep cycle and wake up minutes later feeling rested and totally alert.

Come experience what hypnosis can do for you and allow yourself to be amazed by the power of the mind. With hypnosis, there is no limit to your success.